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I definitely know that you have heard that many people make huge sums of money in the stock market and you are baffled why you are not making that kind of wealth. You are jealous! The tragedy is that a vast majority of retail traders sit on the other side of fence. They lose money. While there are a handful of savvy traders who consistently make money in stock trading, money in millions, the retail traders slowly but steadily lose money, hard earned money. 


Then you start cursing your luck, or think that the operators are taking them for a ride. You blame everyone else except yourself.


But the bigger tragedy is the fact that you as the retail traders do not know that with proper stock and commodity trading system, you also can earn millions, but you are shunning away from using those profitable trading systems, just because such high end trading systems cost some money. But if one rupee spent on proper system can bring home 100 rupees for you, isnít it a proposal worth considering. Not a rocket science. But you want the proof and assurance.


We have such sure shot stock and commodity trading systems, but dilemma for us is more intriguing. Because just by identifying such need of the retail traders, there comes a new breed of fly by night stock tips providers, con men, who, even though they have no knowledge, no proper tools, come to the market with a marketing websites and few phones and dubious advertising with fake testimonials of profitable calls, and lure the unsuspecting retail traders by promising the moon. The end result is that the retail traders lose money in consultancy fees, they lose money by trading on the recommendation of such fake tipsters and also lose faith in the system.


For the genuine system developers like us this is a great challenge. We donít mind competition from genuine stock tips providers or genuine and profitable systems. Let the real successful win!


But we only pray that no retail trader should succumb to false claims. 


That is why our client base is loyal to us. They understand that we do not give fake result on the website even once. If we do such gimmick even once, we lose trust of our trusted clients. 


You understand that no stock trading system gives 100% successful results. Some trades along the line are bound to be loss making trades.  But the bottom line at the end of month should be in dark green. Total profits should be in multiples of what you have paid as subscription for trading system plus what you have invested.


Our last 10 years record matches such expectation so far. 


And we assure you, you will make handsome gains at the end of period.


We feel in our hearts, how one feels when the trade goes in the wrong direction. We treat your money as ours in every positive sense. We care for your money and want it to multiply.


But wait, I want you to know something else!


With hundreds of strategy workshop, which I took in India and abroad, with more than 3,000 loyal clients for our earlier trading systems, with interaction with hundreds of traders and seeing the market since 1971, I have something to share with you.


It is not only the trading system, but the right choice of trading system which ultimately decides whether you are going to make millions or go bust.


And the reason.


The reason is more than money. its psychological.


You will come to know many things in the page 'How to make 4 million in 2 years'. I have described the complete foolproof plan to achieve that there. But one essential part I can share over here. But before that also you can start on the journey to millions by using 'Stock Pro'


I have seen that, there is such thing as a personality of a person.


Some traders are suited for short term positional trading system. They cannot sustain the daily ups and downs of hectic intra day trading, while some people mostly do not want to trade. They just invest once in mutual fund and do not look at it again, come what may. They are intelligent in their respective fields, but when it comes to financial literacy, they are literally illiterate.


While some people enjoy intra day trading, they do it without discipline. If their earlier experience of a trade is a loss making trade, then they get out of very profitable trade early on. Their fear of losing the profits, overrides their decision making capacity.


Some people are carried away by lust, that, even if the trading system or every other indication is there starkly before them, they still hang on to a losing trade and lose in lakhs. They get paralyzed by the trade.

So first decide what kind of trader you are.


Whether you want financial appreciation coupled with emotional depreciation, or you want safe profits!

If you want safe and phenomenal profits with serenity, then our systems will help you.


Fortunately, you can take a test.


We are giving our top trading system 'Stock Pro' for 3 month license also so that with little investment, not big, you can make profit also and will also what kind of trading is suitable for you. Then with just investing around 3 lakhs (Your investment capital + cost of the trading system) you can embark on your journey to make 4 million in 2 to 3 years. No one will stop you.


The reason is that, with that you can trade nifty or bank nifty or stocks for intra day and positional trading. Make profits. Understand what kind of trading is suited to your personality and develop the discipline to stick to the trading system. Also you can make handsome profits, probably to satisfy your lust.


Its a win-win situation and hands down profits for you.





Run Stock Pro



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Take Profits


It is so advanced, that you will wonder, why I am not making fortune in the stock market!


Trade the Nifty or Bank Nifty or any stock exactly as per the Buy/Sell signals.


See your bank balance swell every day of the week and enjoy!

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It not only is the simplicity,

Its the profitability ...


Because starting with as little as 2 Lakhs

You can build wealth of 4 million rupees and more ...

In around 2-3 years ...


No other system in India can claim this!


Here is the simple calculation of mind boggling profits

you can make with Nifty Futures by partially investing

and taking profits out. This is representative.



We are offering our Stock Pro and Com Pro trading systems

absolutely at rock bottom prices for few days only!


Prove it to yourself!

Hundreds of others have made it. Who are these people?

These are people like you and me.

Students, employees, small businessmen, housewives!


They were skeptical about trading.

We pushed them with our trading system and now they are the happy lot.

Sometimes they even pretend to be experts!

They traded according to exact Buy / Sell signals given by our fantastic


Stock Pro


They were not market savvy, in fact many of them learned to trade confidently

only after they purchased the program.

They did not know Gold or Silver futures and were afraid of the market swings.

They carried prejudices about the commodity markets.

But they made money!

Follow their footsteps!


All New Visual Trading Systems

 Based on Artificial Intelligence,

Gives Perfect Buy/Hold/Sell.

So Perfectly,

That You Will Amaze Your Friends

With Your Mind Boggling Profits!

They Will Call You 'Insider'


Profits are NATURAL in the stock market,

what is unnatural are the losses!


Dear Sir,

  • Do you want sure and mind boggling profits in the stock market?

  • Are you tired of spending hours studying stock charts and doing technical analysis?

  • Are you tired of listening to market analysis that does nothing but go around in circles and leaves you scratching your head and wondering "Am I supposed to buy or sell?"?

  • Would you like to follow the system with a proven track record of success?

Then come, follow me


Grab this opportunity and make profits.


You will say 'My Luck Changed From Today'


Main Features Of Our 'Stock Pro' and 'Com Pro'


Automatic Buy/Sell Signals on Screen With Alerts


Based On Artificial Intelligence


Consistently Profitable For Last 12 Years


Definite Profit Making In Intraday Trading


Mind Boggling Profits In Positional Trading


Easy To Use and Profit



We are committed to your profits as we do not

have any other vested interests!


Find Out How You Too Can Make huge Profits in Stock Trading!


Swing traders, Investors and Day traders


"Know How To Easily Crush The Stock Market!"

... Thanks To A Remarkable New Discovery
That May Be Considered
The "Lazy" Way To Trade Stocks!



You can now be making consistent profits....

month in and month out!

Starting Now!

Bull or Bear, Profits Are Here!


With our trading systems, there is no confusing technical analysis, no stock chart analysis and no market analysis that goes around in circles leaving you scratching your head! You'll know precisely how to make profits!



The Man Behind


The main figure behind the method is Vasant Mande.


He is a successful software professional with 27 years of stock market experience and has varied interests in Artificial Intelligence, Stock Market Predictions, Software and mass psychology. He was in IIT Delhi and focused his attention, after a stint of 9 years of jobs in various fields, he started developing remarkable strategies for stock market from 1990 onwards. He was a consultant to 2 leading broking firms in India for 7 years. In addition to this he is actively engaged in designing very innovative strategies for traders and investors and based on that he has conducted one-day stock trading workshops 'Stock Market Profit Tricks'  in Mumbai, Pune, Chenai, Banglore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Kolhapur, Nashik, Rajkot, Sholapur, Surat and Bangkok. He along with his team is dedicated to only one cause i.e. to make quality predictions. He is accredited NLP Master Practitioner from AUNLP, Georgia, USA.


Vasant resides in Pune (India) and admits that his wife Kanchan, a doctorate in Philosophy, is the strength behind his ventures. He expresses deep gratitude towards the Grace of God!




But what is that crucial factor?


Its Artificial Intelligence In Our Trading Systems.

By This, You Always Catch The Slice

Of The Price Movement Of

The Real Big Players ...

... Secretly!




There are literally thousands of real stock and commodity traders NOW, who are living a dream life everybody can think of. Swanky cars, big houses, good family, leisure, pleasure and riches. But no one, not a single one amongst them is a gambler. Go and search google! There are hundreds of interviews of such rags to riches stories. So if you are thinking that tomorrow you are going to find a holy grail, then sorry. This website or our systems are not for you. You can try your luck at 'Kaun Banega Karodpati'!


But, if you seriously want to be the next rags to riches story of tomorrow, then do what all those traders have done. (Of course, none of them were smarter than you, All have made mistakes and traded on hunches and lost everything in early days etc. But they became wiser at right times and understood their folly!) Those traders then landed a trading system which was suitable to them, mastered it and played with strict discipline. Then with proper money management, all became super rich. The discipline was such in most cases, that if their trading system did not give any signal, then they waited for it for weeks together, without the normal gamblers anxiety. If there were few loss making traded, then they did not grumble and quit, because their trading system could accommodate their losses also.


Same is with our 'Stock Pro' or 'Com Pro' trading systems. They will not give you 4 millions tomorrow, but these trading systems will certainly give 4 millions within 2-3 years. That has been proven time and again for last 11 years, without exception.


So, unless, you are extraordinary, you also can make 4 millions, starting with 2-3 lakhs and within two years. But if you think you have special gift to go astray from the trading system, then you just go on dreaming... forever...


And yes! If you think that I will not spend a penny and still get those 4 millions, then better wait for someone, some remote lost uncle from South Africa' who will gift you his fortune! Life is such a thing that sometime, somewhere, you have to trust. Then what better way than trusting the trading system?


Don't Wait!


Start Making Money Now!




Stock Pro


Thank you. Goddess 'Laxmi is waiting for you! Welcome Her!

!!  I prey Swami Swaroopanand, that each visitor to this site, to add millions to his wealth  !!