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New Nifty Algo Trading Plan To Be Crorepati


In the nutshell

* Guaranteed system to make > 2 Crore!

* No knowledge of stock market necessary

* Proven practical and spiritual methods

* Just join our algo trading

* And make more than 2 CRORES!


Click the video below to see how it works!




HBC Subscription Is Full!


But Now You Can Get Same Results By Using




Quick Take


Simple Steps of how it works!



Open a trading account with our broker.


Pay the algo charges and the algo starts.


Trades done automatically, you get statement everyday.


'HBC' is a mind boggling, systematic capital appreciation plan.


We have developed a very high end Artificial Intelligence trading system specially for Nifty futures. Based on it we run the algo trading with our designated broker 'MasterTrust' where BUY or SELL signals and the STOP messages are given to the algo system.


This is trailing stop based system. It has given more than 8000% (Yes 80 times) returns in actual trading for our control group in last two years and nine months i.e. from 1st April 2013 to Dec 2015.


You can download and view the actual report of original algo results for nifty here.


But this is not for people with gambling type of trading. Its a systematic plan with money management features. There will be about 60-100 trades per year and we give clear sms daily for the position. So you just have to join our algo by opening algo account with our designated broker and experience the miracle yourself!


This is peaceful trading, i.e. you do not have to worry about your trading. This is the way really rich people trade and make huge sums of money. This is possible for retail traders also!


Although we do not guarantee any results, we have always surpassed our estimations.




You can join this algo, by opening a trading

account with our broker. Our broker has all India presence. The broking charges will be just like normal broking charges. We charge separately for Nifty algo.

This is automated trading system based on

high end software. You can start the algo with

1 lot of nifty also for which you have to keep

approx. Rs. 90,000/- per lot,

(As of Oct 2016 as Nifty has gone up!)

in your trading account.

We take only limited number of clients!



Remember ...


Hum Banenge Crorepati


Systematic Index Trading Plan!

It is not a 'Get Rich Overnight' humbug.

It is not a Mutual Fund.

It is not a fake stock tips.

It is not a 'Buy and Hold'.


Trust Me! Its Possible!

Anyone can become 'Crorepati' in 4-5 years with this plan!


You can be next

'Rags To Riches' story ...

But, you must be aware of Advantages & Disadvantages



How 'HUM BANENGE CROREPATI' Compares With Other Methods


Sr. No.



Mutual Fund Or SIP

Stock Tips



Investment Risk

Very low and that too in first few trades

Moderate, but see the experience of last 4 years!





Mind Boggling!

Very meager

Not sure, most traders lose





Not Required




Need to trade






Need To Watch Market?






Need To Worry About Market?







Every trade put on website at the end of month.

NAV and investment published, but can not decode

No transparency



Need Expertise


Yes, in selection of MF




Fixed Monthly Income?

After few Months

Not Sure

No Guarantee



Can continue other business or service?






How to judge performance

See the results on this webpage


Not sure



Can continue other business or service?






No of trades per year



May be > 300



Overall Rating

Extremely Profitable

Low Returns

Extremely Risky

All we can assure you that you can certainly be 'Crorepati'



How To Make More Than a Crore With Certainty!


Hundreds Of Traders Are On Their Way To Make Their First Crore In Life Each With This Unique Combination Of Foolproof Plan & Mind Technique!

Do What Exactly They Have Done And

You Too Can BeIn 4 Years ...



You can join anytime with as low as 1 lot of Nifty!

First Here Is Our Projection Matrix Starting With 1 Lot Of Nifty

(Margin Assumed 50,000/- Per Lot. Investment Approx. 62,500/-)

(Remember, now the margin is more)

Here Is Our Projection Matrix Starting With 2 Lot Of Nifty

(Margin Assumed 50,000/- Per Lot. Invest Approx. 1.25 Lakhs)

(Remember, now the margin is more)

First Here Is Our Projection Matrix Starting With 4 Lot Of Nifty

(Margin Assumed 50,000/- Per Lot. Invest Approx. 2.5 Lakhs)

(Remember, now the margin is more)

First The Results So Far!

We have started this plan on 1st April 2013 and

for the original algo results

click here to download.

Here Was Our Projection Matrix With 5 Lots

Because When We Started Nifty (Lot 50) Margin Was 32,000/- Max.

And Here Is What We Actually Achieved

You Can Judge That We Delivered Than What We Claimed!


Everything Transparent!

We publish all the trades on the website on conclusion of the month,

so that you can verify yourself!


Ideal starting investment is Rs. 2.5 Lakhs now as the nifty has advanced much ( 4 lots of Nifty futures, Including provision for drawdown), but you can start with 1 lot also!


Our Algo charges are Very Attractive!


If you are doubtful or do not invest much initially, then you can start with 1 lot of Nifty also.

You will get proportional profit and then, when you develop confidence, then you can invest fully!


Trades done automatically as per Algo, so that you can carry on your occupation easily!


Thanks! Subscription Full.....


The reason being that people should be able to enter the trade at recommended price. There should not be any congestion due to our recommendations!


So subscribe immediately and avoid disappointment!

Call Vasant:  9922065760

for details.


When we started this for first few clients, in April 2013,

nifty lot size was 50 and margin was about 29,000/- per lot.


With algo trading, no emotions come in way and trades are executed automatically.

This is convenient. Of course, in algo also you will have the choice to control your lot size.

So, Those who have invested and traded with 2 Lakhs with this scheme

from 1st April 2013 have amassed more than 2 Crores by today!


All we can assure you that you can certainly be 'Crorepati'






Main Highlights


Sr. No.

What you get and what you have to do



We will not take any money from you. It will be in your broking account only. We only run the algo.




The plan is designed with stating with 4 lots of Nifty.

But you can start with 1 lot also. The profits you get will be proportional.




You can start anytime. Never wait for the right time! The system will start rewarding you as per the plan!




The recommendations will be based strictly on out high end, artificial intelligence based system 'Nifty Super Pro'. We will strictly follow the system. It has been tried and tested in the field for last 12 years!

Neither we, nor you will deviate from the system.





There is nothing hidden! Every month we will be publishing on this website the traded concluded, so that you can check yourself!





There will be around 60-100 trades in a year. There will be times or days when we will be neutral i.e. we will not have any position in the market.





The markets go through different phases, so there will be some drawdown sometimes. But we assure you that if you follow the system, it will definitely make you crorepati.





You will increase the lots only when we make substantial profits, not otherwise. The advise is to invest only 50% of the profits.

Also we will not invest fully. We advise that the Cash at hand should be kept in Bank Deposit and prudently one should avoid investing in any other risky investment!

From time to time, you will withdraw profits, so that after 6 months, you always will be playing with profit money only!





There are no other hidden charges except the algo charges as given in the pricing page.




The only system which has the track record of 10 successful years!

All we can assure you that you can certainly be 'Crorepati'




This is a sure profit plan. A unique type of plan! This will make you crorepati without going to KBC!


If you go by the experience of any stock trader, then he will definitely agree that there is lot of money to be made in stock trading. But they themselves are unsuccessful. They have never analyzed what went wrong. But if you have the opportunity to meet a really successful trader, who has really made millions in trading, not the ghost millionaire who only boasts, then you will understand that it is not only the trading system or the tips or their hunch which made them millions of rupees. It is more than that. Remember, stock market is not an illogical game. It is perfectly logical. But its logic is definitely different than our normal logic which we understand. Once you understand that logic, then the game is yours!


It is the combination of spirituality, perfect mind setup, unique trading psychology and practical profit making trading system which gives them phenomenal profits every day. But once you understand all the pieces perfectly, then trading is just your personal ATM. You can make really more than a crore every 3-4 years till the markets are there.


When first I understood this, I was shocked. I could not believe this. But when I decided to develop a very workable system for this and when I used it myself to make first million, then the surprise turned into a system. I was studying the stock market since 1971 and being a software engineer myself, I developed very high end trading systems myself and was selling them successfully to the rich clients. But for this system, I had to study spirituality in a practical way. This became possible due to my wife who is a doctorate in Philosophy. Then I had to study Psychology also. But I was fortunate, that there emerged a very new branch of Psychology NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) which when I studied, gave me different practical techniques to train my mind easily. I did the Masters from Georgia in NLP. Then the system became just like a machine.


But when I can make millions discretely, then why I am giving it to others?

Yes, perfectly logical question.


There are five reasons.


 #1. But the most important reason is that we believe in 'The Science of getting rich'. This is a great concept by Mr.Wattles and you can study it in more details on the Rebecca Fine's website. The basic principle of it is that 'You must give more in use value than you take in cash value' and overall this science has worked miracles in our lives since we practiced these principles. Once you also study these then you will be convinced that we all are in a win-win situation and we all will be millionaires.


 #2. Second is it takes nothing away from me. The market has plenty of money available, whether you trade it or not.

 #3. The third is, it would have been nice if someone was there for me when I started out. Those early years of frustration and disappointment were not very enjoyable. But now when I know such a system then it would be unfair if I do not help others.

 #4  The forth reason is, I get a great feeling when someone shares with me how they're cleaning up on Stock Market. I think most people can relate to the small guy coming out ahead.

 #5. And the final reason is I feel very fortunate to be able to share my knowledge with others.  Someday in your trading experiences you might notice something of value and maybe you'll share that knowledge with me.


Now you will wonder what is that great system which will give me more than a crore!


As discussed earlier, we have to be realistic and practical. To achieve 1 crore rupees on paper is very easy, but in practice it is very difficult I must say. But those who stick to the total system with all the exercises of mind training done properly should achieve those results. Why it is so difficult? Because, even though a trader may stick to the plan and mind training very meticulously, sooner or later, he is going to deviate from the path and soon, greed, fear, anxiety and succumbing to market sentiment are surely going to take hold of him. And there lies the catch. So we have some mind training tricks on Profit Tricks page also.


To those who are not familiar with ‘Nifty’, we can say that Nifty is an index of our National Stock Exchange. It is a notional figure computed based on the 50 leading stock prices like Reliance, Infosys, SBI, Tata Motors etc. The index gives the overall broad picture of the Indian stock market and is used as benchmark for all comparative calculations.


But it can be traded in futures market also. This is not a place to describe everything in detail, how it is done. For that we advise you, if you do not know already, to visit any of the broker’s office. You have to open a trading account with a broker and open a futures trading account also. Mostly it will be free or may not cost you more than 200-300 Rs. You can then get a trading terminal at your desktop and you can trade nifty from the comfort of your home or with telephone or mobile app also. That is easy, but learn that.


But the main point is that, if you trade even Nifty alone with our trading system with EOD (End of Day) trading, then you can get profits of around 600 points per quarter of 3 months, brokerage excluding. (2600 points yearly means more than 600 points or rather 650 points per quarter of 3 months).


This is possible because Nifty Futures are in the futures market. So you can do short selling also. Short selling means that if get a sell signal in our trading system, then you can sell nifty even though you have not bought it earlier. And then when it goes down, you can buy again in the profit. In a years time these are the profits with end of day trading only. If you have time to do intra day trading then profits might be much more.  With EOD system, on an average there will be 60-70 trades in a year.


 Now if you consider not 650 but even 400 points in a quarter. (Let us not be greedy, and secondly if we promise less and base our calculations on a conservative basis and later get more profits, then who does not want it!) Secondly I have assumed nifty margin to be 50,000/-. But this changes when nifty increases.


Here I have given simple matrix calculations of how much you can trade, how much you can keep aside for draw downs (loss making trades) and how much you can reinvest. Study it carefully and you will come to know that it is genuinely possible to earn 4 million in 2-3 years in the stock market and more than a crore in 4-5 years. We give full assistance in making a crore. Because we do not pay you, the market does!



We all have seen similar claims and promises, but they never reach their result, but it is possible with discipline, if we can earn 400 points per lot every 3 months. 

Time Frame : EOD for daily and 1 hour or above for intraday trading where you get more profits. 

Initial Investment : Currently, 90,000 as Margin Amount for one lot of Nifty and the draw downs,
Rules you must follow:
1) We will go on increasing lots only when RS. 1,50,000/- are accumulated in our account. This way we will not be investing more from our own pocket apart from initial investment. Besides every 3 month out of total profits only we will be reinvesting.

2) We will be taking position only when signal has come. We will strictly follow the trading system and no personal opinion should come in the way of our trading. 

Warning : Like every trading system it can also give negative returns in 4-5 continuous trade , so its better that first mental preparation before taking your own heavy position.

Normal Trader always tries to avoid whipsaws and keep looking / trying to look for new system which do not have any whipsaws and in this process they looses more than half of their capital.

Pro Trader : They accept this fact and they treat this as legitimate thing in trading.

The fact is their is no system without whipsaws, only things which we have to look is Risk / Reward ratio.


Discipline and consistency is most required thing when we set goals for higher time frame . 2-3 years is very long time and during this time we will making more than 200 trades in EOD system. 

Components of a successful trading approach (the trading system)-

1. Setup - The setup is taken care by the system.

2. Money management -No matter how good the setup is, each of them has got their own bad moments. No setup is 100% accurate. So Money management  is very crucial. Avoid greed and panic. But if you stick to the trading system, then no worry.

3. Market condition - Our 'HBC' automatically adjusts to market conditions, intelligently.

4. Controlling emotions - You must be emotionally stable so that you are not tempted to trade anything else other than the setup. If you do, that will be called overtrading. Trading without a setup is termed as overtrading.

If you do intra day trading with nifty or bank nifty then the correct time frame is 15 min.

You can achieve your dream even faster!


Now you are ready to make 1 crore systematically and then the main question arises.

What does it cost to me?



Here is the bad news first. The software is beyond the reach of most of the traders, so I am not selling it. But...


Here is the good news!

Now we are offering the algo trading to select few clients. So hurry!


Why we are giving it at such ridiculously low price:


There are many reasons which are commercial for giving this plan at a nominal price and our experience is that people recover their money in one or two months. Generally if you keep a horizon of few more months, then you always come in profit irrespective of the market condition.

But the most important reason which we have said earlier is that we believe in

      'The Science of getting rich'.     

This is a great concept by Mr.Wattles and you can study it in more details on the Rebecca Fine's website

The basic principle of it is that 'You must give more in use value than you take in cash value' and overall this science has worked miracles in our lives since we practiced these principles. Once you also study these then you will be convinced that we all are in a win-win situation and we all will be millionaires.

And then you will understand why we give it at a very nominal price.

And you also don't forget to give part of your millions, when you get it, to charity causes of your choice. It always gives you self esteem and peace!



How to join :


Vasant - 9922065760

For Details


Now if you are two minds, whether to order or not or any other inhibition, then we surely tell you, you are not yet ready for making millions! The option is you can continue with your same lifestyle for ever. Because we know the sayings.


'Intelligent people grab the first opportunity, others wait for the second.....FOREVER!


'If you are not ready spiritually, then even if Laxmi knocks you door, you will be snoring!'


Think that twice!




We Pray Swami Swaroopanand That Each Visitor To This Site Should Add Millions To His Wealth!